Fuel Up Sports

Fuel Up Sports is our sports nutrition practice focused on fueling young and adolescent athletes for their sports. There is so much focus on youth sports, but surprisingly little on sports-specific nutrition for our athletes. Nutrition can be a performance enhancer in sports. Check out our services and contact us for more details. 

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Nutrition Analysis

We can analyze your athlete's nutrition, and make sure he or she is meeting what he/she needs for his/her age, sport(s), and individual needs. Worried your kid isn't getting enough protein? Don't know what he should eat before a competition? We provide detailed analysis and specific recommendations for how to fill in any gaps identified.



Meal Plans

Not sure how to fit it all in for your athlete and their sports regimen? We can provide personalized meal plans to meet nutrition needs and food choices for your athlete.

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Nutrition Coaching

We work with kids and families to come up with a personalized, tailored approach to get your athlete's nutrition right within your schedule and life demands.